6th to 7th Grade Scheduling

What You Need to Know

  • Your child’s counselor at WMS is assigned based on the alphabetical breakdown of last name:  Juli Brown (Last Names A-G), Craig Spinner (Last Names H-O), Jill Yoder (Last Names P-Z). Your child’s counselor will follow them on to 8th grade.

  • Students, along with their parents, will be submitting their elective course selections online via PowerSchool.

  • This selection process will take place beginning Wednesday, March 13th through Tuesday, March 19th. Parents and students can log in and make changes any time during this window.  

  • Students at WMS have 7 classes per day which are approx. 45 min. long. WMS operates on four 9-week quarters.

  • ALL students will be assigned 5 full-year core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Wellness (PE/Health).There is nothing you need to do for this.

  • All students will also be assigned College and Career Readiness (CCR 7) which will be for ONE 9-week quarter. (1 slot)

  • Students with Individualized Education Plans do not need to complete online requests. Questions, concerns, requests should be discussed with their teacher(s) at WIS during annual case review meetings. Counselors will receive all the information necessary for scheduling. If you have specific questions, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

  • The remaining  slots are for students to choose other elective courses to fill their schedules. All students may choose to fill the remaining 7 slots to get to a total of 8 “credits”  or slots (including CCR 7). Those slots can be filled with the following options: (The number in parentheses is the number of “credits”or slots that class takes up in a schedule):


  • 2D Art 7 (1)

  • 3D art 7 (1)

  • Tech App 7 (1)

  • Band - (4)

  • Women’s Choir  -(4)

  • Men’s Choir (4)

  • Music Exploration (1)



  • Welcome Back Open House will take place on Tuesday, July 30. More information will follow. This is time for students to pick up their schedules, receive lockers and combinations, tour the building, decorate and put supplies in lockers, pick up Chromebooks, purchase yearbooks, etc. Schedules will also be available to view online via PowerSchool.

Requesting Elective Classes in PowerSchool

  • Click on the Class Registration link on the left side of the screen.

  • Follow directions to select classes.

  • The CCR class is automatically selected, so you will select 7 additional “credits’ + 2 back-ups for a total of 8 “credits” (this includes the required CCR 7 class).

  • The total “credits” or “slots” will be counted and shown for you at the bottom. Once you have 8, you know you are done and it will allow you to click submit. If you see this symbol (!) by any of the sections, that means you must go back to that section and make a selection.

  • Click Submit when you are done and print out your course requests.

Click HERE for a video tutorial!

Click HERE to watch videos about our elective classes at WMS

Application Required Courses

  • The following optional courses require an application be submitted to participate. If a student applies and is accepted into the course it will automatically be put in the student’s schedule and any other elective choices will be adjusted accordingly by the counselor. Click HERE to view the application and submit for any of the following courses:

  • Yearbook (full year class=4 slots)

  • Media Arts (2 quarter class=2 slots)

  • Broadcast Journalism/Daily Announcements (one quarter class=1 slot)

Interested in being an Office Assistant or Peer Facilitator? Students must fill out this form by logging in with their google information (student#@wws.k12.in.us). Parents/teachers can assist, but not fill out for their students.


  • French Survey (1)

  • Spanish Survey (1)

  • Media Literacy (1)

  • Design/Modeling (1)

  • Automation/Robotics I (1)

  • Study Skills (1)

  • Adv/Show Choir-by audition

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