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WMS's online digital learning platform.  This is also where all teachers post information about assignments test, and quizzes.  

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This is our site for parents to see their student's grades and attendance.  If you do not know your parent log in information, you can email Bethany Wolfe, Guidance Secretary.  

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Naviance Family Connection

WMS's college and career readiness platform.  Parents can log in and see the work counselors are doing with their students. 

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Learn More Indiana

Learn More Indiana’s mission is to help Hoosier students of all ages PLAN, PREPARE and PAY for college completion and career success through effective communications and outreach efforts. 

Learn More Magazine grades 6th-8th

Learn More Magazine grades 6th-8th Spanish version

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This is an Indiana program allowing students to earn up to a four-year scholarship to an Indiana university or college.  It is based on financial need and mandates students stay in sound academic and behavioral standing. Families must enroll during a student's 7th or 8th grade year (by June 30 of 8th grade) online or by completing the enrollment worksheet and returning it to the Guidance Office.

21st Century Scholars Enrollment Flyer (English)

21st Century Scholars Enrollment Flyer (Spanish)


21st Century Scholars Enrollment Worksheet (English)

21st Century Scholars Enrollment Worksheet (Spanish)

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Edutopia is a website published by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Founded in 1991 by filmmaker George Lucas and venture capitalist Steve Arnold, the Foundation "celebrates and encourages innovation" in K-12 schools  

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Ask Rose Homework Hotline

A toll free homework hotline for Indiana students needing help in math or science.  Help is provided by current students at Rose Hulman Instiutute for Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Help is available from 7-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday.  

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